In the Summertime

Finally back in Canada and experiencing the summer I have been sneering at for months. Despite that only half of my time spent in Calgary was snow covered and below zero, that is how I permanently think of it. They even have thunderstorms here in summer too!

It’s been had to establish a good sleeping pattern because it’s light here till about 9.30pm, and it just seems wrong to go to bed an hour or so after its dark. It’s been pleasantly warm – the temperature is not too different to Sydney currently – hovering between about 10 degrees and 25, but it is far more humid which makes all the difference.

Anyway, here in Suite 1202 we’ve been drinking lots of Pimms cups and assembling furniture. On Saturday we went to Ikea, Costco, Walmart, Superstore, Future Shop AND Best Buy to equip our apartment with appliances and various bits and pieces. We’re still awaiting on some furniture, and once that is in I will post some pics of the apartment.

The most exciting thing about Calgary right now is the fruit… or rather, the berries. They are SO cheap.

Mmmm, breakfast.

I made a mixed berry compote, and Keynan made pancakes for breakfast. SO GOOD.

I couldn’t get a picture that did the colour of the compote justice.

Then yesterday, I attempted a vegan raw cheesecake, made unraw by the compote. But oh my, it’s pretty delicious; it actually tastes quite a lot like cheesecake! Here is the recipe for anyone who is interested…

We have some nice views from the apartment which I will post up soon!

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2 Responses to In the Summertime

  1. ingimages says:

    One word… Yuuuuuuuum!

  2. wow, i am truly berry jealous of you right now… also i feel like i should become more of a pimms drinker, it is way too overlooked in drinking circles these days.
    Glad you’re all safe and good in Canada-town Lex, that cake looks somewhat tempting… for a vegan food that is…

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